Golfer’s Club

The Dandenong RSL is home to a very successful Golf Club who play and meet regularly.

For any information contact the club president, Steve Osborne on 0407 521 891.


Upcoming 2018 games:

08/07 @ Garfield Golf Course  7:30AM

29-07 @ Eastern Sward Golf Course  7:30AM

19/08 @ Eastern Sward Golf Course, 1st Round of Club Championships  7:30AM

09/09 @ Eastern Sward Golf Course, vs Dandy Club  7:30AM

23/09 @ Montuna Golf Club  7:30AM

14/10 @ Montuna Golf Club  7:30AM

28/10 @ Pakenham Golf Club, 2nd Round of Club Championships  7:30AM

18/11 @ Garfield Golf Course, Captains vs Presidents  7:30AM

09/12 @ Eastern Sward Golf Club, Ambrose (Presentation Day) 7:00AM



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