Responsible Service of Gambling

Please read below, then click HERE to view the RSL Branch’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct that must be followed in the club at all times.


Gambling may be a problem if you are:

·         Spending more money and time on gambling than intended

·         Hiding your gambling from other people

·         Borrowing money to pay for living expenses e.g. phone bill, groceries, petrol

·         Losing interest in other activities

·         Finding work or your role as a parent is affected

·         Lying about your gambling

·         Not going to work or home as often

For more information please visit the Responsible Gambling website for Victoria.


Self-Exclusion Program:




Call the YourPlay Help Desk 1300 838 031, 10am–6pm (AEST) every day, including public holidays. 

YourPlay Website

 “YourPlay gives you the power to track how much money and time you are spending as you play. You can also use YourPlay to set limits on the money and time you spend on gaming machines and to see your playing history online at any time.

 YourPlay can be added to your loyalty membership card and used on any gaming machine in Victoria. You can register for YourPlay at or ask a staff member for assistance in venue.”




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